Since 1985 when we started our small shop in the England, uniform embroidery was our first speciality with the purchase of our first Barudan embroidery machine and since then our 30 years of experience has taught us so many things about the correct way to embroider for optimum results.

We do things digitally now with a logo input into a computer program and things are a lot faster and easier now but one thing that hasn’t changed over the years is our pride in our high quality workmanship and a flawless finished product.

As our team evolves and the new embroiders take over, they are taught the fundamentals of embroidery that produces such amazing results. Care and attention to the details of the work are passed on to each team member and they enjoy seeing the end result.

All work is done in house allowing for complete control and constant monitoring over the process.

Our reputation comes from our embroidery expertise as well as combining high quality garments and fabrics with high tensile, fade and bleed resistant thread.

Our long term customers know just how effective it is when we supply them products using this mix of essential embroidery ingredients.

As all our work is completed in house, jobs are timely and expertly completed.