Laser etching

Laser etching promotional products is becoming more and more on trend with this beautiful subtle form of marking an object is becoming a sign of a prestige brand. With its slight point of difference, it is a stunning way to present an item and simultaneously showcase your brand.

Unlike engraving, laser etching is a computer guided machine that won’t damage the surface if the item being etched and is not limited to line drawings. Laser etching gives a nice texture to the touch.

You can laser etch a variety of items from wood business cards to usbs and bamboo drinkware. Most popular materials include glass, metal pens, coasters, keyrings, pewter mugs, bottle openers, multi-tools etc.

When you laser etch an item you are not limited to simple stroke and you will be surprised of when we can actually laser etch and how effective it is. All you do is tell us what type of items you are interested in and we will give you a list of suitable items for laser etching.

Then you send us your vector file of your design and we use that to match the highlights, lowlights and contours of your design to truly reflect the depth and appearance of the original graphic.

It provides an excellent option for potential Christmas gifts or staff awards.