Online Portals:

Runsmart understands the need for efficiency and convenience when it comes to ordering corporate uniforms and promotional merchandise. Therefore, Runsmart has developed an online ordering system which allows clients to have their very own customizable portal. This allows for a streamlined ordering process that is user friendly and flexible to meet your unique needs. 

Online Corporate Wardrobe:

Based on a core range of stock, Runsmart can set up a fully integrated online ordering and warehousing system to allow for fast and efficient ordering and dispatch of your goods. Through our system, your staff around the country can order the uniform they need and have it delivered directly to their location eliminating the need for time consuming and inefficient paperwork associated with processing large volumes of orders.

You have complete control over the users, access, pre-approved budgets and what items certain individuals can order. The system also allows for interval reporting so you can always keep track on usage and spend.

An online uniform portal is the perfect tool to streamline the ordering process and make it easy for businesses with a large number of staff or locations.

Runsmart provides a fully integrated warehousing, ordering and dispatch system which allows for clients to preorder stock that can be drawn down on, eliminating long lead times and unnecessary hassle. For more information on warehousing please visit our warehousing and dispatch section, or call us to discuss your specific requirements.

Online Merchandise Portal:

If you have an extensive range of promotional merchandise or just a few items that are high usage and high turnover, an online merchandise portal is the perfect way to streamline your ordering process and take the headache away from your marketing and procurement team.  At Runsmart we can maintain your merchandise program for you at no cost to you.  This service can be combined with our uniform portal to have everything your staff could possibly need or can exist as a standalone portal. 

The portal is fully customizable and can stock one item or one thousand items! With multiple user logins available, the online portal makes it a far similar process  for your staff across Australia and even internationally to order promotional merchandise without causing a hassle for head office.

Contact us today and see how a Runsmart portal can turn the ordering of uniforms and merchandise into one of the easiest parts of your job.