Staff Kits

A staff kit is a preassembled pack which allows your staff to have all the requisite items in an efficient and streamlined manner. The contents can range from a full custom uniform package for new starters to a ready-made tradeshow bag. Each promotional item in the bag is completely customisable and can be branded with your company logo for that point of difference and brand awareness.

All kits come preassembled from Runsmart and are 100% custom. As the customer, you have complete control over what goes in the kit, giving you the option to have everything from printed chocolates to custom embroidered shirts to work boots. With all kits being assembled on site, Runsmart has the ability to individually label each package for staff identification and deliver it straight to the required branch location.

The types of staff kits and uses for them are endless. Existing and previous staff kits that Runsmart have produced include:

  • Uniform & PPE kits
  • Christmas gifts for staff
  • Hampers for clients
  • Beach sets
  • Sports kits
  • Expo/tradeshow bags
  • Gift packs with purchase

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary as a staff Christmas gift or just a convenient way to distribute staff uniforms, a staff kit is definitely something to consider.