Along with our in-house embroidery capability, we also print sublimated garments which are ideal for team wear, sports kits and similar polyester garments.

The idea behind sublimation is to imprint the dye into the fabric where it won’t rub off, run, washout or change the texture of the garment.

We sublimate Hi-Vis and light coloured polyester shirts on a frequent basis for our regular customers over the years. However we are excited to have recently added a facility to offer you the ability to print vibrant colours with unrestricted printing options. Even seam-to-seam printing can now be done with ease, which ideal for a wraparound custom design print.

With our sublimation options you can either present your design to us and we will arrange printing or we can offer you a selection of options for you to choose which best suits your requirements. Picking from a design selection is perfect for people who are new to sublimation and/or apparel design, it’s the perfect way to start.

Not only can we sublimated polyester polos and t-shirts, we can print sports shorts, lightweight jackets and children’s apparel.

The reason that sublimation is applied to polyester fabric is because the dye used bonds with polyester fabric when heated. If you would prefer another type of fabric, please ask us about the various apparel decoration options available.